Where the highest level of know-how is needed, machine builders go to Schray.

Our ability to solve problems is highly appreciated by the customer as we do not limit our service to production alone but to cooperation which can often extend into the field of design. And always at the forefront of technology.

We can give you gratuitous advice on questions of design and production technicalities such as:

  • selecting suitable materials specific to the processing options and areas of application
  • suggestions for improvements in terms of production-friendly design
  • suitable surface treatment, e.g. hardening, in addition to the appropriate finishing
  • the running properties of gears

Using modern computer programs, we can generate calculations and gear arrangements for you.

The components are simulated on a PC, so their appearance is already known in the planning phase. Moreover, calculating the working life and load bearing capacity is also possible.

We are participating in the latest technological developments and our advice on unusual gearing situations is even sought out by technical universities. The customers have high expectations and know that these will be fulfilled. Not for nothing is it said: “If Schray don’t know, we have a problem”.